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September 25, 2018by Core Clinic

Cryostimulation – Sports Physiotherapy 

Sports medicine uses Cryostimulation in the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries of the soft tissue.

What is Cryostimulation?

The application of pressurised liquid nitrogen vapour to the skin, producing physiological changes in response to the localised applied cold temperature. Temperature is typically below -150 °C.

Cryostimulation has several physiological results on the area treated. Extreme low temperatures used in cryostimulation produce a rush of oxygenated blood, a natural analgesic effect and a reduction in muscle tension in the exposed area.

Post treatment, the microcirculation in the treatment area provide muscles with increased rates of healing and recovery. Analgesic effect and relaxation of muscles  continues therefore allowing the patient to increase their exercise tolerance which is very beneficial to athletes maintaining fitness/ strengthening musculature.

The most effective way of maximising healing effects is to have treatments close together. This maintains blood circulation aiding the metabolic processes occurring in tissue healing.

Cryostimulation is being used by many top athletes such as Mo Farah, Christiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Vardy, Frank Ribery to name just a few.

We have Sports Cryo Clinics in Liverpool and Blackburn. Operating our Cryotherapy units are medical staff who all have experience in professional sport.

We offer an introductory session of £25 or 3 for £99! which is inclusive of rehabilitation exercises that are necessary to aid the cryostimulation of the respective area.

Please contact the clinic for further information or to book your appointment. 

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